The first month is over in N3!


The first month in Nursery 3 have passed by with remarkable ease! There have been a few tears as expected but the children are happy and have settled well into their daily school routine.

A couple of points for your information;

  • The school day is from 9-16:30h and your child should be at school by 8:45h, although if necessary there is a teacher available from 8:15h. We would ask you not to enter the classroom until 8:1h5 when you can then leave your child with a teacher. All children should have had breakfast before they arrive to school.
  • We are in the playground (boat) from 16:00- 16:20h; this is where you can pick up your child. At 16:20h we then go back to the classroom. If necessary there is a teacher available until 17:00h. All children should have been picked up by 17:00h.
  • The children should have a school smock .These will be sent home every Friday for washing and should be returned to school every Monday. We are encouraging the children to be independent and will be working on the habit of them trying to put on as well as take off their own smock.
  • Also in your child’s school bag it is strongly recommended that there is a spare change of clothes. At times it is necessary to change a child due to water spillage or an “accident”.
  • In the window of both classrooms is a weekly timetable for your reference. The timetable is flexible and activities maybe extended or cut short depending on the interest and ability of the class. We will be regularly putting up photos of our activities as well as displaying the children’s work. Please take the time to have a look and see what your child has been doing in school.
  • Once a week the children will practice recognising and tracing their name. If you wish to reinforce this at home, please be aware that in school we teach the children that the first letter is a capital, while the rest are small e.g. Sarah, not SARAH.
  • We have also begun introducing the alphabet: 1 letter per week .The children will be introduced to the small letter sounds through stories, songs and art activities. If you would like to reinforce this at home in the classroom we use Jolly phonics phase 2.We would like to emphasise that the children are not expected to learn or remember the letters and sounds. At this age learning should be fun without any pressure or expectations.
  • All school correspondence will be sent via email. Please check with the reception that they have your correct e-mail address.
  • If you feel there is anything we need to know e.g. your child did not sleep well or a family member is away please don’t hesitate in talking to a member of the Nursery 3 team, we will also do the same. Your child’s wellbeing is of upmost importance to us.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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