“All about me” in N3


The children in N3 will be learning about “me” and “my body” over the next 4 weeks. So, we will be learning about parts of our bodies, talk about the differences between girls and boys, etc. We will talk about our habits and discuss if they are healthy or not. We’ll look at our families and talk about things we can do for ourselves! We will use all this information to make a booklet and we will need your help to complete it!

There is a part of the booklet the children will take home to complete together with you. We ask you that you take the time to do these activities with your child and then return it to school to share with their classmates.

But to begin with, we need the following things:

  1. photo of your child as a baby
  2. Pictures of healthy and unhealthy food from newspapers or magazines.

Enjoy the experience!


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