Why doesn´t a spider stick to its own web?

Have you ever wondered why a spider doesn’t stick to its own web?

As part of the current Curious Kids project, F4 have been learning all about mini beasts and this week they are concentrating on spiders.
They decided to conduct their own experiment to find out exactly why spiders don’t get stuck in their own webs.
The children made a sticky web using tape and walked their fingers across it. They found that their fingers were sticking to the tape. They then tried dipping their fingers in oil to see if this would help. They found that a spider doesn’t get stuck in its own web because it has oily feet!
They were so happy with their findings that afterwards they decided to create some beautiful spiderweb artwork using wax crayons and painting over it with water-colour paints.
Take a look at some of their work…


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