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Getting creative with bubble wrap!

Nursery 2 have been getting creative with bubble wrap!
They taped bubble wrap to the floor, the kids took off their socks and shoes and were encouraged to jump on it until it popped.
They then painted it so that it can be used as part of their display.
Whilst painting, the children spontaneously started painting their feet and walking over it.
It´s so nice to watch them get creative and let their imaginations run away with them!



Benefits of sensory play


There are so many ways in which sensory play can benefit children. Research has shown that sensory play aids the development of nerve connections in the brains pathways, leading to the child having the ability to deal with more complex tasks in the future. Research has also shown that sensory play supports: cognitive growth, language development, fine and gross motor skills, developing and enhancing memory, problem solving and aids the development of social skills. In addition to all of these great aspects, sensory play is a great way to calm an anxious or frustrated child in a fun yet calming way.