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Gardening is fun when we do it together

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The children in Foundation 5 have recently had the special opportunity of learning something new from some of the experts in class 3.
They came to share their knowledge of plants with us and helped our children to understand what plants need to grow and live.
They then planted some rhubard with us and taught us how to take care of it. We can´t wait to try some once it grows!

Spring is here!

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There´s no better way to paint flowers than to get outside and see them in their full glory and that´s exactly what they did.
The children at their after school arts and crafts club, took their paper and pencils and went to the beautiful secret garden at the bottom of the playground where they found lots of different flowers blooming.
They looked closely to find the different patterns, colours and textures and tried to copy them.
Take a look at some of the work they produced…

Collage PicMonkey 2.png