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A visit from Primary

We feel that listening to stories is so important for children as it enhances listening skills, improves vocabulary and encourages them to use their imagination.

This is why we were so happy this week when two special little girls from Primary asked if they could come down to read the little ones a story.
They chose a book they felt would be beneficial to them and relate to what they are working on. The book they chose was, “The time it took Tom”, and the reason they picked this book is because it consisted of colours and counting.


Jack & the Beanstalk



We love it when storytellers come to St Peter´s to entertain us. We learn so much more when having fun.
We love reading stories but when we can see the story come to life is when we can really feel the magic!
The Blue Mango Theatre Company came to visit us this week to perform ´Jack and the Beanstalk´. The children loved it so much!