Interactive learning in Nursery 3

Here in Nursery 3 we are talking about who is in our family. The children have brought photos in to show the class and talk about; who is in their family, what they look like and talk about special things they like to do with them.
The children are drawing pictures of their family members to share with the class! Here is a picture one of the girls created of her mummy and daddy.

Who´s going to be the star of the week?

Star of the week.png

Here in Foundation Stage, we feel it is highly important to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the children in our school.
One way in which we do this is through the Star of the Week.

Throughout the year each child will have the chance to be named ´Star of the Week´ for having done or accomplished something very special.
The winners will be called up in assembly on a Friday morning and given a certificate they can take home to show their families.
The children are working so hard and are excited to find out who The Star will be tomorrow morning at asembly with Miss Jenny.

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